REST API - backend
Alignak backend provides a monitoring objects database thanks to its RESTful API. Get rid of the plain old files and discover the power of the Alignak REST API for your monitoring configuration.
More than 200.000 checks on one single server. Alignak has yet proven its performance...
You are monitoring a very large system? a distributed system? Alignak allows to check your system from several servers.
In a distributed environment, or even on a single server, any failure in the monitoring system is critical. Alignak spare daemons keep your monitoring system running if any failure happens.
The Web User Interface displays the configuration and the current state of all the monitored objects. It also allows to update the configuration of your system.
TSDB integration
Thanks to its backend, all the performance data provided in the checks plugins output are pushed to your Time Series Data Base (Graphite or InfluxDB).
Grafana integration
Alignak backend automatically creates Grafana dashboards for each monitored host. Each service has its own graph panel with all the available metrics.
Desktop app
The Alignak desktop applet, available for Linux and Windows, notifies of every change on your system and allows to rapidly check the hosts states.