Sure, long time elapsed since the last post where we announced the first official release :) But many advantages were taken of this period of time to build a stronger and richer monitoring solution.

It has been a while now that Alignak is installed on our production servers to monitor more than thousands of checks. Time to release is now very soon…

This is why David Durieux and Frédéric Mohier met on April 10th to focus on the last effort for the first release!

The very last tasks to achieve:

  • fix the last 2/3 Alignak issues
  • fix last 5/6 Alignak backend issues
  • package Alignak and its main satellites (Backend and WebUI) for the main distros

Three months ago we were already near to release the first stable version but now we are on the home stretch of a first stable proofed and featured-rich version;)