It has been 3 months since the first release of Alignak. This version 0.2 integrate:


  • Clean readme
  • Installation with PIP, cause a fatal error (related with namespaces)
  • Rewrite function of util: average_percentile because code give wrong 95 percentile
  • Author for automatic downtimes.


  • Allow python requests to 2.7.0 and after
  • Display configuration error like error instead info
  • New modules manager. They need be installed with pip (see the module example)
  • Simplify function alive_then_spare_then_deads
  • Prevent memleak in any module worker who use logging
  • Init script - Clean and add fallbacks for lsb functions
  • Pylint E1101
  • Setup.cfg - Stick to the pypi one


  • In debug mode, display external command run and display the result
  • Add SIGHUP generation in init script and signal catching in


  • Namespace package
  • Pythonize function (unused)

For an easy setup, DEB (Debian/Ubuntu) and RPM (RHEL/CentOS/Fedora) are available. Packaging sources are available on a specific repository Build packages are also available on the website

Documentation is available on readthedocs : (user), (developer)

Two mailing lists are also available to registration : ( user, registration ), ( developer, registration )

You can also reach us on IRC (chan #alignak on Freenode) or on Twitter @alignak_monitor